Sep. 28th, 2007

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Yes, yes, I know. It's been AGES since I last wrote in here. I doubt anyone even looks on here. My Xanga hasn't been updated much either. Though in my defense, my MySpace is fairly up-to-date.

I dunno... I mainly joined LJ because it's the best place to network with fellow fans in various fandoms, and the communities system is great. So, I've probably posted more replies to various community threads than I've posted entries here in my own LJ.

It's difficult to keep up with more than one blog site. I'm trying to decide what to do. I think my Xanga's pretty much kaput. I've gotta go through and copy/paste all the entries I haven't archived (I'm not a paying member, so don't have the convenient "download archives" feature available to me). After that... Well, I dunno if I'll delete my account or just let it sit there.

My MySpace isn't going anywhere. Whereas LJ's great for community, MySpace is the best for networking with friends. I've found so many old friends since I've been on there, even my best friend from 9th grade!

I also have a Blogger/Blogspot account. I'll keep that one since it's already tied to my Google account anyway and I try to reply as much as possible on the Silver Dollar City blog. I've themed that blog of mine to focus just on my fandoms.

So, perhaps I'll use LJ for memes and games and maybe some writing....

I've been dealing with depression for the last few years, and my concentration and motivation have been decreasing exponentially. That's why I can never seem to keep any of my blogs updated. I hate it, too, because I do have a lot to say, but can never figure out how to say it or remember I have something to say long enough to actually say it.

I have tried to recruit my family and friends to LJ. I really like the thread-like entry/comments setup on here. I'd love to create a community for just my family to be on; then we could all keep up with each other in one place. Of course, I tried doing that with Yahoogroups, but perhaps a non-email based group would work better...

So, anyway, I don't know when the next post on here will be. I might start using this for writing; if I do, I'll probably only do it for fan-fiction related writing and non-project writing, since I still have a bit of a thing about sharing too much info online about my pet projects (currently a novel/screenplay/whatever-it-eventually-decides-to-be and a screenplay), in the hopes that one day they might just become something more than just dreams.

Oooo... I might be willing to be more open about my Silver Dollar City writing project. Maybe it'd drum up some interest.

Okay, well, I'm gone for now. See you (if anyone is out there reading) whenever I can remember to update next.

:Love To All:
~ Joy ~

PS: I like my new layout! GREEN!!!!!

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